5 ways to be considerateBeing considerate not only helps others, but it gives each of us something to take pride in and feel good about.

Here’s five ways you can show respect and consideration to a stranger:

1.  Be patient (even when you don’t want to)
Real world example:  The person in front of you at the ATM is taking way too long and you’ve got somewhere to be.  Be patient and understanding by quietly waiting your turn.

2. Show sympathy 
Real world example:  Maybe the person in front of you at the ATM has forgotten their PIN number or their account balance isn’t what they expected it to be.  They aren’t intentionally holding up the line.  Be sympathetic and try to understand how frustrating it could be for them.

3.  Appreciate the service of others
Real world example:  Always thank members of the military for serving our country.

4.  Give your full attention
Real world example: The cashier at the grocery store is asking if you have any coupons, but you aren’t paying much attention because you are talking on the phone (or texting, or posting to Facebook…).  Put your phone away and give the cashier your attention.

5.  Give up your seat
Real world example:  There is a 45-minute wait at your favorite restaurant and you’re waiting in one of a few seats in the restaurant’s entrance.  Give your seat to the older man who is also waiting.

There are hundreds of other ways that we can show respect and consideration for others.  What’s stopping you?  Get started today!